Oneida County Deputies Organization

The Oneida County Deputies, a positive support group for local law enforcement, was organized May 15, 2006, by a group of local community leaders. The purpose of The Deputies is a group of citizens organized for the purpose of providing support to the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office; to give assistance in its community service activities, and to provide assistance and encouragement in the educational and motivational needs of its members. Included in this support are training scholarships for specialized officer training, officer and employee recognitions, support of law enforcement activities in public schools and special needs and projects as requested from the Sheriff. The Deputies also provides a scholarship to a Malad high school senior who plans to pursue a law enforcement career.

Membership in The Deputies is limited to thirty members and membership is by invitation only. Meetings are held quarterly for the purpose of reviewing support programs, conducting business and receiving a Sheriff’s report on activities, events and challenges at the Sheriff’s office. This report to the group also serves as a community forum on law enforcement issues.

During the 2010 and 2011 years over $3,000 in support projects was provided by The Deputies including specialized training courses for sheriff’s deputies, funding for school programs such as Rachel’s Challenge, bullying assemblies, Red Ribbon Week and officer and employee recognitions and Search & Rescue Member of the Year. Funding for these expenditures comes from dues paid by each member.

Officers for the 2011 – 2012 year are: Darl Gleed, President; Mike Ard, Vice President; Jean Thomas, Secretary; Blair Hawkes Treasurer and executive committee at-large members Curt Hoskins and Michael Hess.

Among the numerous accomplishments of The Deputies was the creation and publication of a booklet, THE CODE OF THE NEW WEST, and the implementation of the County-wide ZERO TOLERANCE FOR DRUGS campaign. THE CODE OF THE NEW WEST pamphlet is intended as a guideline and introduction to the realities of rural living. The Code has been met with great success and has been modified and used by other rural communities across the Western U.S. THE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR DRUGS campaign involved businesses and residences throughout the County in spreading the anti illegal drug message.

A PDF copy of THE CODE OF THE NEW WEST pamphlet is available for download “here“.

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